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Brand New Ready to Roll Icing Colours

Friday 2nd November 2018

The wait is over, and we’d like to introduce you to our four brand new Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing colours; Cassis, Sapphire Blue, Cool Grey and Dark Brown!

We’ve researched many trends in cake decorating, fashion, fabrics and home interiors for classic shades and up-and-coming colours to ensure our already extensive range of icing colours is up-to-date and relevant.

We even involved you – our lovely Renshaw users – in our colour research survey, and your feedback and ideas really helped shape our plans. So, thank you!

You can buy all the new Renshaw colours right now from Cake Stuff

Cassis Ready to Roll Icing: Colour of the Year 2019

Our new Cassis Ready to Roll Icing is a lovely, deep berry colour – and one that is growing in popularity! Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge chose a stunning Cassis coloured dress for the wedding of Princess Eugenie. We love this very royal colour and can’t wait to see it used on your cakes.

(Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Cassis will also be Renshaw’s Colour of the Year for 2019, a new tradition we’ll have each year to celebrate our favourite, on-trend icing colours.

This rich berry coloured icing has been growing in popularity for wedding cakes and decoration, as well as dusky pink shades which can be achieved by mixing white with your Cassis. Using an 80/20 mix of White to Cassis Ready to Roll Icing you can achieve this lovely, soft shade.

This Cassis cake has been teamed with black which really makes the colour stand out. Adding edible glitter to your Cassis cake will create a very decadent effect.

Sapphire Blue Ready to Roll Icing

Sapphire Blue is another deep, regal colour that will look luxurious on any celebration cake. It will look fantastic on deep single-tier cakes, on larger multiple-tiered cakes, or as a deep coloured tier paired with white or pale pinks.

Our new Sapphire Blue is also ideal for decorating with metallic paints or decorations, in a geometric, marbled or Art-Deco style. We think it would be the perfect choice for a very modern wedding cake.

Deep blue colours are also often teamed with a floral decoration. Why don’t you try painting a floral design onto your Sapphire Blue cake, or crafting a floral display from Petal Paste like on our cake below?

Cool Grey Ready to Roll Icing

Cool Grey is a very understated wedding cake trend that we adore. We think it would look beautiful with a Royal Icing piped design, or with a bas-relief effect like on our stunning nature design, below.

Now you can produce consistently coloured pale grey cakes without the need to add colour to white or blend your usual grey with white icing.

Dark Brown Ready to Roll Icing

For many years our dark brown icing option has been Chocolate Flavour Ready to Roll Icing, but what if your sponge cake flavour didn’t match or you didn’t want a chocolate decorated cake?

Now our new Dark Brown Ready to Roll Icing can be paired with a variety of cake flavours. You could use this colour for a woodland theme, or a barnyard or Noah’s Ark birthday cake.

We’ve used ours for a novelty sculpted bunny cake, and think it looks adorable!


We hope you enjoy our new Ready to Roll Icing colours as much as we do.

Share your bakes using the new Renshaw coloured icing with us over on our social media pages.

Happy Baking!