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Bonny Easter Bakes

Monday 26th March 2018

When we think of Easter bakes we think, chocolate, flowers and pretty pastel colours. Whether you planning on making a few chocolate cornflake nests or carving yourself a life-size chicken from a cake, Renshaw has a product that can help you create your desired easter bake. We have sugar pastes in a wide range of colours as well as frostings and firmer modelling pastes, in order to create your eggs-cellent sweet treat. We have an extensive range of recipes and some cracking ones for Easter, you’ll be sure to find one that suits you!

Colourful Easter Cupcakes

Why not try out these simple colourful Easter cupcakes, a basic cupcake recipe and a swirl of frosting, topped with cute sugar paste handmade decorations, that are easier than they look. Why not set up a cupcake decorating station for the kids! Fun, tasty and great for if it’s raining. Plus, this recipe has step by step photos, foolproof!


Easter Chick Cake

This cake gets a 10 on the cute factor! A simple (and a rather large) cake recipe, this Easter creation is all about the decoration, but definitely worth it! The Chick’s head is made from Marzipan and entirely edible, however, you could also make this from cake to cater for even more people.


Beautiful Bunny Cake

A delicious carrot cake recipe mirroring the rabbit-themed sugar work, this cake is an Easter must. The decoration is effective but oh so easy! Perfect for busy weekends and plenty of hungry mouths to feed. Keeping the colour scheme simple is a way of keeping the cost down, as well as being easier.


Textured Eggs

Creating these textured eggs is a simple way of decorating your cake or cupcakes this year, to go on or around your bakes. These decorations are totally edible, as they’re made from sugar paste. They’re also great because you can decide on the texture, colour, size and shape that you want! Another great activity to get the younger ones involved in, creating their own personalised eggs, why not add their names too with the Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen.


Simnel Cupcakes

A traditional bake for this time of year, Simnel cakes are a firm favourite. Our twist on this Easter time recipe contains a smaller amount of fruit, meaning the whole family is sure to enjoy them, but fear not they still have the classic Marzipan in AND on them! However, if your one for tradition, we have a recipe for the original, click here for this.


Easter Egg Biscuit Pops

Biscuit pops are a great way of displaying your bakes as well as avoiding sticky fingers! A quick way of creating something sweet that can be shared around with ease. If your feeling more creative, why not create different shaped biscuits such as a Bunny, a Chick or flowers! If you want to cut even more time, cover all your biscuits in white and paint on your design with edible paints instead.


If you’re making any Easter bakes this year, remember to share your creations with us on social tagging us or using #RenshawBaking

Happy Baking!