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Blogger’s Easter Bakes

Tuesday 2nd April 2013

This Easter at Renshaw, we were looking to breathe new life into Easter cake. Whilst the iconic Simnel Cake is a thing of beauty, we think the traditional Easter cake is due a new beginning, so we called upon some of our favourite baking bloggers to see if they could rise to the challenge.

Focusing on traditional Easter ingredients such as marzipan – the marmite of the cake decorating world, no? – these masterful bakers and cake decorators brought this classic ingredient alive in their exciting new and wonderfully traditional takes on Easter cake.

Golden Simnel Cake

Golden Simnel Cake

Honouring the time honoured Simnel cake tradition, this fruit cake feast from Baking Bar makes use of cherries, raisins and sultanas and lots of lovely spices, not to mention Renshaw Golden Marzipan to decorate with the 11 traditional marzipan balls.

Marzipan Biscuits and Easter Nest Cupcakes

Easter Nest Cupcakes

Feeling extra creative this Easter, the lovely Cakes and Catwalks made two lots of marzipan-themed treats, first up concocting these adorable Easter bird nests, created using chocolate frosting and Renshaw Chocolate Ready to Roll icing for the twig detail. Decorated with marzipan eggs sprayed gold and mini marzipan birds dyed in rainbow colours (through mixing food colouring through), these make for the perfect Easter treat.

Marzipan Biscuits

Next up, these honey and cinnamon topped with mixed colour and embossed marzipans in Easter bunny and egg shapes are the ideal way to introduce little ones to marzipan for next year’s Easter baking.

Easter Simnel Bundt Cake

Easter Simnel Bundt Cake

The queen of bundt cakes, Dollybakes made a Simnel bundt cake, making use of a traditional fruit base (made extra moist through the addition of yoghurt). Using the bundt tin as a mould, this fun new take on the traditional Simnel cake was topped with Renshaw Golden Marzipan for a colourful finish.

Natural Simnel Cake

Natural Simnel Cake

Another traditional Simnel Cake from The Magenta Cakes Blog, this time using Renshaw Natural Marzipan and to keep things Spring like, has substituted the usual boozy element for milk. We hope it went down a treat on Easter Sunday!