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Birthday Cake Topper Competition: The Winners

Wednesday 30th July 2014

Back at the beginning of July we asked you to create the most incredible birthday cake toppers possible to celebrate the launch of our new range of coloured flower and modelling paste.

We were expecting some great entries but we’ve been bowled over by the imagination and quality of your sugarcrafting. We think these six really take the cake.  

WINNER: Dawn Dunn

BB1 Dawn Dunn

What’s not to love about this cake? Not only are the characters exquisitely rendered but the entire cake has been fashioned into a tiny slice of the Hundred Acre Wood. From the bunting to the overflowing honey pot and beautiful oak tree, Dawn Dunn’s entry had that special something that meant it scooped the grand prize of a year’s supply of flower and modelling paste. 


The Runners Up

We particularly liked these five birthday cake toppers, and each talented creator receives a £25 Renshaw Baking voucher. 

Kalle Reed

BB2 Kalle Reed

What really brings this beautiful cake to life is the organic arrangement of the leaves. Each one has been painstakingly detailed with veins, delicately layered and then moulded into shape to give the illusion of depth and movement.

Samantha Hawkins

BB3 Samantha Hawkins 

What an explosion of colour and creativity! This cute diorama looks so good it would be a shame to make that first slice. The attention to detail is superb right down to the multi-tiered cake and miniature cupcakes at this beautiful teddy bears’ picnic.  

Ruth Bayliss

BB4 Ruth Bayliss
Birthday cakes that are tailored to someone’s hobbies are always fantastic, and this dartboard cake hits the bullseye. The numbering around the edges of the board are so realistic and the neatness and precision of the whole cake is stunning. The placement of the dart in the double 20 is a nice touch too.

Cheryl Wheeler

BB5 Cheryl Wheeler

Ever since Despicable Me hit the cinemas cakes featuring the Minions have been a big hit. For us it’s the unique facial expressions and hair dos on each Minion that make this cake extra special, giving the cake a sense of energy and excitement. 

Laura Cox

BB6 Laura Cox

Obviously the sugarpaste Nemo is the centrepiece of this cake with its faithful recreation of the loveable clownfish, but we love the bold colour choices and the delicate coral and sea anemone decorations. They’re used in just the right amount without overcrowding the cake. 

Congratulations to all our winners!