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One nozzle, a pot of Frosting and two great flower designs!

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Learn to create two amazing piped flower cupcake designs using just one piping nozzle!

Piping frosting is a simple skill to master but when you do, it is a doorway to so much more in cake decorating. This blog shows you how to create two piped flowers using Renshaw Vanilla Frosting. The first flower is a wonderful elegant Rose design and the second is a Hydrangea style, both of which are perfect for topping cupcakes with!

Piping Top Tips

  • Fill the piping bag with roughly enough frosting that would fit into your hand. This allows you not to overfill the bag and to have greater control when piping.
  • Before you pipe onto your cake or cupcake for the first time, pipe a little frosting out of the piping bag back into the pot. Doing this will help to make sure that the frosting comes smoothly out of the bag, gets rid of air pockets, and means you won’t ruin your final design.
  • Not only can you dye Renshaw Frosting with food colouring, you can also add colour using Rainbow Dust Colours Lustre Dusts! Below is a video showing you how to achieve this effect:

How to pipe a Rose

To achieve a Rose design, start by using a 2D nozzle in your piping bag. Once you have added your nozzle and frosting to the bag, begin at the centre of the cupcake and apply constant pressure as you pipe in a circle, gradually moving outwards towards the outer edge of the cupcake.

How to pipe a Hydrangea

To achieve the Hydrangea design, hold your piping bag vertically over the cupcake, press gently down with the piping bag and begin to pipe, then lift the bag straight up and release pressure. Repeat this process until the cupcake has been filled, this will leave you with your beautiful Hydrangea design.


Have a go at piping these easy designs at home, and once you have mastered these two effective designs why not put your cupcakes together in a cupcake bouquet or display them neatly on a cupcake stand!

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Happy Baking