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Baking Trends for 2016

Thursday 14th January 2016

Renshaw’s state of the baking nation report

Here at Renshaw we’ve been taking the pulse of the baking nation to find out what’s been cooking up a storm and what’s failed to rise in the kitchens of the UK.

We asked Renshaw’s baking community what have been their favourite trends of 2015 and what they want to do with their cakes in 2016.

We’ve found out what the professional bakers,
Chetna Makan and Luis Troyano as well as what bloggers have been up to and what all of us at home like to create when we get the chance to don an apron and get our bake on. Here’s what we found out:

Are there any baking trends you think we’ve missed out? What are you looking forward to experimenting with in 2016? Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.