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Baking Fundraising Ideas

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Howdy bakers!

With it being Red Nose Day this Friday we’ve decided to dedicate this blog to fundraising ideas and recipes that you can use to make a real difference to the charities and causes you care about. Whether it’s Red Nose Day, Cancer Research UK or your local primary school, we’re sure to have a bake you can use to smash your fundraising goals! Let’s get to it…

Baking Fundraising Ideas

Bake Sale

When you think of baking fundraising, most people will opt straight for a bake sale. They’re simple, easy to do and everybody loves cake so they’re perfect for all sorts of fundraising events. Traybake and cupcake recipes are ideally suited for bake sales as they can be easily portioned out and transported. We would recommend sticking to the more popular recipes as the more cake you sell, the more money you raise!

How Many in a Jar?

Another classic fundraising activity here. Simply fill an empty jar with sweets, chocolates or biscuits and ask people to guess how many are in there, closest guess takes home the goodies! Cookie and biscuit recipes are perfect for this and you can get creative with the decoration and toppings.


These are sweeping across the nation (sorry, couldn’t help it) and are a popular way of raising money whilst having a bit of fun too! Baking themed sweepstakes are ideally based around an event or TV show. You could do one for the Great British Bake Off winner or have more frequent ones such as guessing the weekly Star Baker. Get creative with your own ideas and let us know what you come up with!

Man vs Food

Now this one is a bit different! Made popular by TV programmes, eating contests have started popping up at events and in restaurants all over the place and can be a great way to get people involved. For a super baking challenge, why not see how many cupcakes can be eaten in a minute or set a time limit on the time it takes to eat a cake. If you do decide to hold one of these events, please ensure you follow health and safety guidelines and make sure the health of the participants remains a priority. The last thing you want at your fundraising event is somebody getting ill!

Red Nose Day

Friday 24
th March is the date for this years Red Nose Day where thousands of people join in to raise money for the incredible projects in the UK and Africa that tackle important issues such as mental health, vulnerable young people, domestic violence and immunisation.

Ideal Recipe: Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

With it being Red Nose Day, we had to pick something with red in the title and you can’t go wrong with these delicious red velvet chocolate chip cookies. An amazing combination of chocolate and vanilla make these an ideal bake for Red Nose Day.

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

Marie Curie

Marie Curie nurses work night and day, in people’s homes across the UK, providing hands-on-care and vital emotional support to those who need it and their families.

Ideal Recipe: Daffodil Biscuit Pops

The symbol of Marie Curie is the Daffodil so these biscuit pops are perfect for any fundraising event. Lovely shortbread biscuit topped with apricot jam and finished off with our ready to roll icing. Delicious!

Daffodil Biscuit Pops

RSPCA/Animal Shelters

Now we couldn’t go forgetting you animal lovers. RSCPA and other animal shelters provide vital animal welfare protection and rehabilitation to those that have suffered abuse.

Ideal Recipe: Modelled Dog Cake

We just had to choose an animal themed bake for these types of charities and this modelled dog cake is ideal. Although not as easy as the other recommended recipes, this paw-fect friend will definitely stand out at a bake sale and could also be used as a prize for a raffle or sweepstake.

Modelled Dog Cake

School Fundraisers

We all remember those days where we had to bring some cakes or biscuits along to a school fayre and those of us who baked back then, how proud we were that our classmates enjoyed our cookies or cupcakes. Luckily, this is something time hasn’t changed and we’ve got our recommend recipe below:

Ideal Recipe: Triple Chocolate Brownies

An all-time school favourite, brownies haven’t really changed since they were introduced and for good reason! We’ve gone for the classic triple chocolate variant but feel free to experiment with different fillings and toppings. Why not try a
peanut butter filling or sprinkle some M&M’s on top to complete your delicious brownies. Get in touch and let us know how they turn out!

Triple Chocolate Brownies

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