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Almond Pastes & Marzipan

Renshaw is the only UK based manufacturer of marzipan and we’ve held the Royal Warrant for our almond products since 1950. Our delicious and versatile almond products are all kosher, suitable for vegetarians, and the original marzipan is also suitable for vegans.

Which Almond Product is right for you?

This premix paste is made with apricot kernels which is suitable for all baked lines including frangipane and congress tarts. View product information here.
This apricot kernel paste is perfect for cake covering. Functionally, Rentop does everything that traditional Marzipan does, but has a stronger flavour.


A specialist raw marzipan containing 55% almonds. For use in stollen, almond goods, and to blend with sugar to produce bespoke marzipan.


Original Marzipan
Satisfy numerous applications from covering cakes to creating mouth-watering patisserie with our Original Marzipan. Find more here.
Flavoured Marzipan
As the only UK manufacturer of marzipan, we are able to create bespoke flavours to suit all applications. Previous flavours have included clementine, and brandy.
For all enquiries contact our customer service team at customercare@jfrenshaw.co.uk or call us on 0151 706 8200 and a member of our team will be in touch to best assist you.

Application Inspiration

Our applications team are constantly working on new recipes suited for all types of baking lines. We’ve highlighted a select few that feature a variety of our almond products:
Vegan Chocolate and Almond Marzipan Brownies

This indulgent traditional brownie is elevated with the crunch of whole almonds and the sweetness of our Original Marzipan.

Morello Cherry Almond Slice

Follow our simple steps on creating sweet pastry, frangipane, and decorations for this classic and juicy treat. Features Renshaw Macaroona.

Sicilian Biscuits

A favourite amongst Italians, these biscuits combine the zest of orange and floral notes of honey perfectly. Includes a base of Renshaw Renmac for extra sweetness.