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Access exclusive hints and tips from Renshaw: Marzipan Flowers

Friday 26th July 2013

Here at Renshaw we have been celebrating cake for generations, and with over 100 years of baking and cake decorating experience, have heaps of expertise and inspiration just bursting to get out of our sugar crafting fingertips. This month, with the Coronation Festival and Royal Baby making its arrival, we have celebrated all things marzipan; as Royal Warrant holders for our almond products, it would be silly not to.

Our latest hints and tips sheet provides step by step instructions for making elegant marzipan flowers; a lesser used traditional cake decorating technique on account of sugar crafters favouring sugar paste for covering, modelling and creating intricate flower detail on their cakes and bakes. Easier to work with on account of its softer nature and offering an exciting alternative with its delicious almond flavour, we think it’s time marzipan modelling made a comeback.

Perfect for colouring and capable of achieving everything from the simplest cutter created flowers to the more intricate hand modelled roses, when it comes to creating such intricate sugar craft detail, marzipan is a marvellous option for everything from wedding and christening cakes to birthday bakes and special occasion creations, and with marzipan flowers ideas to cover all skill levels, we provide all the information you need to impress.

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So, what how else would make use of marzipan in your sugar craft creations?