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A Day At The Races: Cakes Inspired By Royal Ascot

Friday 12th June 2015

After the Grand National, Royal Ascot is the nations most watched and talked about equestrian event, famous for the mind-boggling hats as much as the actual races.

With its incredible visual extravaganza Royal Ascot provides so much inspiration for the cake maker, who can add a touch of the fashion on the day into their decorations. Here are some of our favourite examples of cakes that channel the spirit of the event to spectacular effect.

Flowers And Feathers

(Image via Pinterest)

This cake screams sartorial elegance. Its stark monochrome colour scheme is bold and simple, conjuring up images of the classy dresses that fill the Royal Enclosure. We love the addition of the flower and feathers, which can be carefully crafted from flower paste. The use of texture on the black tier is also a nice touch. The line of pearls perfectly sets off this dress-inspired cake

Class And Heritage

The dress code at Royal Ascot is steeped in tradition, as you’d expect from an event first started by royalty in 1711. This cake, the recipe for which you can find
here. is full of understated quality.

The muted tone of the icing allows the pure white of the lace effect to stand out, drawing the eye, much as lace frills or overlay does on a dress. Topped with a simple rose, dusted with glimmer sugar, this cake, like many of the ladies at Royal Ascot, doesn’t have to work to get attention.

Top Hat

(Image via Caroline’s Cake Company

Royal Ascot is all about hats, at least for the ladies. Every year it seems that a sea of more and more outrageous hats fill the enclosures, in fact they seem to get just as much coverage as the races.

This beautiful cake from
Caroline’s Cake Company was made for someone who adored the Audrey Hepburn classic My Fair Lady. And of course what better inspiration than the iconic hat that Eliza Doolittle wore to Ascot?

The careful attention to detail is what makes this cake so successful. The sense of movement in the silk band made from icing, and the delicate flowers adding a splash of colour makes this cake good enough to eat, and almost good enough to wear.

Soleful Sculptures

(Image via Cake Heart Custom Cakes And Cupcakes)

Just as important as the dresses and hats are the shoes, and the flower paste stiletto that tops this cake would look at home on Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot.

Created by
Cake Heart this shoe looks absolutely realistic. The ruffled section on the instep and the delicate bow near the heel are the kind of eye-catching details that elevate a cake above the crowd.

So tune into Royal Ascot and let the event inspire your next baking project. And don’t forget to share it with us on social media.