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9 Cool Wedding Cake Pops

Tuesday 10th June 2014

We all know that the cake is the main event of the wedding banquet. When the bride and groom go to make that first cut, holding the knife together, everyone’s eye is drawn to the beautiful couple and their equally gorgeous cake. And of course we’re all desperate to savour the taste.

But we think cake shouldn’t just be the show stopper, instead it should be woven into the fabric of the wedding. What better wedding favour to hand out to guests than a collection of tasty cake pops? Or you could make them part of the dessert course.

We’ve selected 9 beautiful cake pops that are sure to go down a storm at any wedding. 

Floral Cake Pops

Every wedding needs flowers, from the bride’s bouquet to decorative centrepieces on the dinner tables. Flower themed cake pops like these make a great addition to the floral extravaganza and aren’t hard to achieve with careful use of coloured coatings. 


Bride And Groom Cake Pops 

Cake Pop - Bride And Groom

What could be better at a wedding than bride and groom cake pops. These cute little morsels were created by Ya Ya’s Cupcakes. The tuxedoed groom cake pop looks fantastic with its contrasting black and white coating and the little detailed lapel flower. Rendering a flowing wedding dress in cake pop form would be a big task, but the folks at Ya Ya’s have done a great job of evoking it with a white coating and the careful use of white sprinkles to suggest frills, ruffles and lace.


Monochrome Wedding Cake Pops

There’s something of a trend for monochrome wedding themes at the moment. Limiting your palette in this way adds an air of simplicity and sophistication to the wedding and means you don’t have to worry about colour clashes! Monochrome cake pops are beautiful and easy to make, and you can get creative with the combination of tones to add some extra flair. 


Toffee Nut Crunch Cake Pops 

Cake Pop - Toffe-Nut-Crunch

These cake pops from Cupcakes by JoJo would make a mouth-watering dessert at a classic vintage wedding. The cream and chocolate colours mean that they’ll work well in any traditional colour scheme involving whites, creams or ivory shades.


Pink Champagne Cake Pops 

Cake Pop - Pink-Champagne

No wedding is complete without flutes of champagne sparkling away as everyone toasts the newlyweds. We love the idea of combining the dry flavour of champagne with a sweet cake. This recipe from Sweetapolita features a simple smooth finish topped off with a liberal sprinkling of lustre dust for a touch of glamour.


Sculpted Flower Cake Pops

Cake Pop - Sculpted-Flower

These graceful cake pops from Just Yummy are modelled to look like tiny flowers, and would be fantastic placed on guests’ tables as decorative delights. The addition of tiny sugar pearls in the centre of the flower is a beautiful touch. 


Cameo Cake Pops

Cake Pop - Cameo

There is really only one word to describe these cameo cake pops from Mini Couture Cakes : exquisite. The detailing on the cameos is incredible and duck egg blue chocolate coating is an elegant backdrop for them.  

We hope these wedding cake pop ideas have inspired you to try your hand at making some cake pops. Do you have any flavours or designs that you think would be great for a wedding this summer? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook