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6 Wedding cake trends for 2018

Monday 14th May 2018

The Royal Wedding is under a week away and the nation is discussing and speculating every single aspect of the day. One thing we know for sure is that HRH Prince and Ms Markle will be having a cake! Royal wedding cakes have traditionally been covered in white sugar paste and decorated with elaborate royal icing designs. However, this 21st-century couple has opted for a lemon and elderflower cake coated in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers. Sounds divine! Whether you’re a lover of florals or prefer a bit of bling, your cake should express what you and your partner like but most importantly, be what YOU want! Here is some wedding inspiration for the most popular cake trends for 2018.


All White

Pure white cakes have always been popular, and it looks like things are staying that way. This elegant trend is loved all around the world and the various tiers are normally textured.


Such an impressive 4-tiered cake from Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes, this cake is nothing less than incredible. We adore the bows, lightly dusted with lustre and finished with jewels! The ruffles seen here on the bottom tier are very on trend, they look great against subtle textures as a contrast.


Topped with an unconventional gold pineapple, this all-white cake combines the traditional and the modern. Made by Reva Alexander-Hawk from Merci Beaucoup Cakes. The intricate royal icing piping is fantastic, especially the hummingbird tier, such awesome talent.


This understated wedding cake combines very subtle textures and 2 bunches of beautiful flowers, so simple yet so beautiful. This design was created by Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes. On this cake, she has opted for the simpler (and less time consuming) layered ruffle effect and it is still as effective.


Injection of Colour

Adding a pop of colour to your wedding cake is a great way of including your theme into the cake. The colour can be a little or a lot and can be subtle or intense.


Sarah Myers from High Five Cakes has created a vibrant layered ruffled wedding cake, with a delicate Ombre effect. The addition of seashells links in with the beach theme of this wedding. This versatile design is perfect for any wedding, change the colour of sugar paste and decorate with flowers, foliage or fruits.


A simple grey 3-tiered cake with metallic copper flowers, this design does elegant drama well. The pop of colour is subtle, but grey is super on trend this year, however, if you don’t want an entirely grey cake, have one tier grey, a marbled effect on another and white on the third. Delicate pinks also work very well with this colour. This cake is by Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes.


Red is the lucky colour in China, so it makes sense to have a red wedding cake. We love the intricate red pattern around the bottom tier and simple details on the top 2, plus the small amount of gold detailing. Such skill here displayed by Karen Vazquez from Kakes by Karen.



Adding florals to wedding cakes has always been popular, and such work goes into creating each individual sugar flower. We salute all you cake decorators out there!


Such an aesthetically pleasing cake by Emma Jayne from Emma Jayne Cake Design. A simple tiered design is taken to the next level with a bold beautiful cascade of sugar roses. This cake is perfect for a couple who want to make a statement. To re-create these blushed roses, lightly dust the buds and centre of the flower with any of the pinks from the Rainbow Dust Plain and simple range.


Another beautiful wedding cake from Emma Jayne from Emma Jayne Cake Design, this cake is smaller but does not lack intricate detail. A very well balanced 2-tier cake, this design has the right amount of everything, including sparkle. We adore the huge peony and roses that sit on this cake and now they’re easier than ever to make with FMM cutters.


Combining square and circular cakes totally work! Especially when they are teamed together with a variety of beautiful florals and foliage. Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes keeps the cakes super simple on this design and lets the sugar flower work do the talking.



Whether it’s sequins, crystals, pearls or full-on bling, adding some sparkle to your wedding cake is a HUGE yes! Because when else will you be having a 4-tier cake?


The differing size of pearl-like shapes on this wedding cake is enough to make you look twice, whilst the whole piece remains elegant and subtle. The delicate sheen created by Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes is spot on, I think we’re falling in love with this cake.


Covering a whole cake in a subtle sheen creates a rather sophisticated piece. Emma Jayne from Emma Jayne Cake Design has included beautiful royal icing piping, shining jewels and blooming roses in this extravagant wedding cake. Showing that more is definitely more when making a wedding cake.


All 3 tiers, with different designs, work so well together. This beautiful shade of pastel pink and textures of gold are combined in such a great way by Karen Vazquez from Kakes by Karen. And who doesn’t love a bit of bling!



Rustic weddings are all the craze, natural textures, delicate colours and plenty of foliage are big for 2018.


The rustic theme is BIG this year and Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes has nailed it with this design. With such a realistic wood effect created in the sugar paste, we don’t know whether to eat it or perch on it! With initials carved in the ‘wood’ for that personal touch and accompanied by a few blush roses, this cake is so on trend. We have a tutorial on creating the tree bark design if you’re interested in trying this yourself.


The understated exterior is contrasted with a boastful interior of bright red chequerboard cake. Perfect for a woodland wedding, this cake was created by Liz Marek from Sugar Geek Show. Presented on a tree stump cake board, this has become a huge trend for a rustic wedding theme and is a lot cheaper too!


Sarah Myers from High Five Cakes shows us how to do summer rustic with this impressive 4-tier naked cake. The simplistic decoration combines fruits and herbs, keep your eye out for this growing trend of adding savoury elements to cakes.



Fancy something a bit different, well with novelty cakes your imagination is the limit. If you can think it, then someone can cake it!


Novelty cakes are a great way of adding something very personal to the big day. This design combines a vintage suitcase, a hat box, a flat cap, and the whole piece works extremely well together. This beautiful cake was created by Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes. If you have a love or real passion for something,  novelty cake could be a great choice for you!


Marriage is about 2 people becoming a pair and we love to see cakes that combine each individual’s personalities. This wedding cake may appear rather traditional from the front, with delicate royal icing piping and lace detail, however from the back we see Avenger’s characters emerging from underneath the icing. This creative design is by Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes.


Many couples enjoy travelling the world together and this theme has become very popular for wedding cakes. We love the gold world map around the top tier and detailed cake board, the whole design tells a story. Cake by Karen Vazques Kakes by Karen.


Remember to share your photos of your wedding cakes with us!

Happy Baking!


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