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5 Icing Techniques Perfect for Covering Cupcakes

Wednesday 25th September 2013

1. Duo Piping

Milkshake Cupcakes

Notice how two-tone is cropping up everywhere at the moment? That’s down to the nifty invention of the duo piping technique. Create using a specialist duo piping bag or simply use both vanilla and strawberry snip and swirl bags at the same time. By opening both and holding their nozzles tightly together you can gain the desired two-tone swirl effect. Our milkshake cupcakes show you how it’s done.

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2. Petal Nozzle Piping

Sunflower Cupcakes

Flower petals can be achieved using a specialist petal piping nozzle. From rose tips to sunflower petal nozzles, you can create striking floral designs through different sized nozzles and working the piping bag at different angles, giving your piping work real 3D definition. A perfect example of this is our Sunflower Cupcakes.

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3. Star Nozzle Piping

Baby Themed Cupcakes

Delicate twists and turns can only be created with the right nozzle for the job. A star nozzle is one of the most simple to use and a must for every cake crafter. Our baby cupcakes show that in any colour, the star nozzle technique gives your cupcakes an added oomph.

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4. Circle Nozzle Piping

Chocolate Cupcakes

A nozzle to be used with caution, as it has the habit of looking like something unmentionable! Adorn your cupcakes with edible decorations and take your simple swirl to another level of cake decoration perfection. Take your time, ensure that there are no air bubbles in your piping bag, and you’ll have an effect that’s good enough to eat.

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5. Sugar Paste Covered

Butterfly Cupcakes

Sugar paste covered cupcakes are created using ready to roll or fondant icing. There are many ways that you can cover a cupcake with sugar paste, the simplest is to roll out your sugar paste and cut out using a circle cutter to match the size of the top of your cupcake. But you could embellish with moulded sugar paste, painted on detail or embossed sugar craft. On our butterfly cupcakes, we rolled out white ready to roll icing, embossed with circles and added butterflies for an eye catching decorative effect.

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