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Conjure up one of these Top 5 Halloween Baking Recipe Ideas

Tuesday 27th October 2015

Renshaw celebrates the spookiest date of the calendar with this season’s top five Halloween baking recipe ideas.

Every Halloween banquet needs a ghoulishly arresting centrepiece. We’ve selected the top 5 creepiest seasonal bakes for you to treat yourself to on fright night.

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1. Carve and Decorate a Halloween Pumpkin Cake

With a little clever sculpting and some Renshaw ready-to-roll products, use our step-by-step guide to conjure a plump pumpkin crowd-pleaser out of a simple Madeira cake. Enjoy the gasps when you reveal to your guests the tastiest and most enchanting pumpkin bake in the neighbourhood.

Trick or treat? Making the cakes is fairly straightforward. The trick will be to carve the sponge so that it tapers into the desired pumpkin shape. A good sponge that’s nicely cooled will make it easier to shape. Once the structure is in place the finished pumpkin is certainly a treat.
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2. Halloween Biscuits

Want something to drive trick or treaters batty? Beguile them with these charmingly cheeky baked goodies. Transform simple shortbread biscuits into frightful delights when you rip open a packet of delicious Renshaw purple, orange and chocolate icing this Halloween.

Trick or treat? The challenge will be in getting the shape of the icing to match the shape of the biscuit. More advanced decorators will have fun cutting shapes freestyle, but you can simply use biscuit cutters to create the desired shape.
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3. Mummy Halloween Cake Pops

Cake pops make freakishly fun Halloween fare. Delicious and imaginative, these Mummy Cake Pop mouthfuls will guarantee squeals of delight from your little imps. With a little artistry, and help from our straightforward how-to guide, be the ultimate mummy when you present these tasty treats to your tots.

Trick or treat? Making cake pops requires a bit more skill. The trick is to get the texture of the mixture to a rolling consistency. Once you’ve made the perfect ping-pong ball you can have fun with the decoration.
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4. Black Cat Halloween Cake Topper

You need just three icing ingredients to magic up this fiendish familiar for your Halloween feast. Why not bewitch your guests with a brood of icing witches’ cats on your banquet table? Or perhaps make your feline friend the centrepiece for your Halloween cake?

Trick or treat? Renshaw’s professional ready-to-roll icing allows you almost unlimited shape-creating freedom. You can use our simple instructions to shape your cat, but any quirks will make your black cat distinctively sinister.
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5. Spider’s Web Halloween Cake

Arachnophobes beware! This creepy cake is magically simple to make yet frightful to the faint-hearted. Deliciously spine-tingling, the mischievous spider decorations will thrill and delight your party guests this Halloween.

Trick or treat? Practise the spider webbing technique on a work surface to get the texture and patterning you want before you decorate the cake itself. Make sure the surface of your cake has a really nice smooth finish before you cast your web. The reward is in the creepiness of your crawlies, so be sure to knead the icing thoroughly to make it pliable.
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So, why not enjoy some of the most fun baking of the year when you explore one or more of these chillingly imaginative baking ideas? Have a spooktacular Halloween!