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5 Family Fun Summer Holiday Bakes

Tuesday 30th August 2016

We can’t believe it ourselves, but the summer holidays have (almost!) come to an end this year and oh, didn’t they go by too quickly? If you’ve exhausted all the parks, museums and cinema trips you can over the last few weeks, and are looking to keep the kids busy for just a few more days, then get together in the kitchen and have some fun baking up one of these recipes.

Your New Favourite Burgers

Are you ready for your Hamburger Cupcakes? After a barbecue, or to save your get-together from some threatening rain, here are the ideal treats. They are sure to impress your guests who will all want to recreate them! They are simple to make and you can add all sorts of beautiful details to create personalised burger cupcakes that will suit everyone’s fancy.

Ice Cream That Won’t Melt

Add a twist to a typical beach day with these beautiful Ice Cream Cone Biscuits, which won’t melt but we’re sure you’ll eat just as quickly as the real thing! Easy to prepare, easy to amaze, what are you waiting for? They are a great addition to any day out or just for showing off some baking skills at home. Our delicious White Chocolate Fondant Icing combined with our Teddy Bear Brown icing will help you create these pretty little biscuits. Whoever said the beach was all about sandcastles and ice cream hadn’t seen these delicate creations.

Cute Caterpillar Cupcakes

If the weather’s not good enough for a day at the park, then bring nature home with you! Caterpillar Cupcakes are all about tasty vanilla frosting and the easiest colourful icing decoration on top. Everyone will be in awe of these cute creations – especially your favourite little nature lovers who can get involved with this fun and simple recipe.

Buzzing Bumble Bee Bakes

After the Caterpillar we just couldn’t leave out this Buzzing Bee! Chocolate flavoured frosting – deliciously appealing for your taste buds – topped by an adorable little honey-maker made with icing, that will make everyone hungry in an instant. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do then these will keep you and the kids occupied for the afternoon.

Not-so-spooky Monster

Now it’s time to get really creative with this Purple Monster cake! Rainy days before schooldays don’t have to be spent in front of the TV, so why not try something different from the usual cupcakes like a supernatural friendly beast! Celebrations don’t always have to be about birthday parties – do we really need an excuse to enjoy a yummy cake? This is not your traditional Halloween cake after all; you can love it all year round. The best part of it all is that there are no limits on what you could do: pick the craziest colours of icing and experiment to create your very original monster.

All in all these last few summer days may not be as conventional as imagined!