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3 Simple Ways To Create A Knitted Effect For Your Cakes

Wednesday 18th March 2015

Who says knitting is just for nanas? We think cake makers of all ages should be adding a bit of knit and purl to their creations. In fact 2015 is going to be the year of the knitted cake, as we’ve already seen some great examples of the trend.

Here are three simple ways you can incorporate this look into your next baking project.

Quick And Easy Knitted Effect

If you want to achieve a knitted effect on your cakes but don’t fancy wrestling with all that Ready to Roll Icing then this simple technique, courtesy of Leanne Tang of
Terry Tang Designer Cakes, is for you.

All you do is take a sharp knife and score vertical lines across your
Ready to Roll Icing, keeping the spacing equal between them. Then fill in each space with diagonal lines, alternating the direction of the lines each time you start in a new space.

Although not as detailed as the other approaches it’s still an eye-catching finish, and very easy to pull off. It can be quickly added to any cake or biscuit that uses fondant icing in its decoration.

Using A Mould

Now, if you want a more convincing knitted effect for your cake using a mould offers speed, convenience and a realistic finish. You will find icing moulds for sale in cake shops and through online cake supply retailers.

All you do is press your Ready to Roll Icing into the mould, gently remove it and then fix the icing to your cake. The joy of using a mould is that for people who struggle with sugarcraft it’s possible to have a very impressive knitted finish to your cake, as you can see in this great example from
Ligia De Santis. Ligia made her own mould using a knitted jumper as a template but you don’t have to go to those lengths.

Made By Hand

If you’re feeling adventurous this is the best way to create the knitted effect for your next baking project. The technique is actually quite simple, but it takes practise to get it neat and tight.

Simply roll some Ready to Roll Icing into thin ropes and then twist them together. You can do them in pairs, and alternate the twist direction on each rope, which when you lay them side by side will give the knitted look. Alternatively, you could braid three ropes of icing together. The ropes of knitted icing can then be layered side by side or in a variety of shapes to create any kind of knitted decoration.

And as you can see in this cute example by Darla over at
Bakingdom knitted icing is just as at home on bite-sized biscuits as it is multi-tiered sugarcrafting extravaganzas.

Even if you don’t know the difference between a moss stitch and a stocking stitch you can still create a fabulous knitting effect on your cakes and bakes.

For more helpful hints on sugarcrafting and baking be sure to visit our