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11 Fabulous Baked Christmas Gifts Ideas

Wednesday 11th December 2013

Giving gifts is what Christmas is all about (of course receiving them is nice too), but sometimes choosing the right gift can be really hard. Some people are difficult to buy for, while others seem to have everything they could ever need. Plus with a gift list that often includes family, friends and work colleagues your bank balance can take quite a pounding.

The solution? How about making some tasty baked Christmas gifts? Everyone loves cakes, biscuits and sweets, and receiving a gift that has been made just for you feels so much nicer than one bought from a store. So instead of a gift voucher, why not try making some of these incredible creations this Christmas. Here are the top 10 Christmas baked gifts.

1. Christmas Present Cookies

Present Cookies

(Credit: Bake At 350)

These simple but oh so cute cookies by Bake At 350 would make the perfect stocking filler. Make a batch and place a few in a small box and watch your loved ones enjoy. We love the little details like the holly leaves and berries made with royal icing.

2. Fairly Light Cookies

Fairy Light Cookies

(Credit: Renshaw)

Every year you dig out the fairy lights to decorate the tree and spend half an hour untangling the wires and replacing blown bulbs. Munching on these delicious gingerbread cookies will distract from the stress. These are easy to decorate with some Ready To Roll Icing and a steady hand.

3. Present Cake Pops

Present Cake Pops

(Credit: Bakerella)

Everybody loves a cake pop. They’re eye-catching, tasty and can be made to suit any theme or occasion. Plus they bring out the big kid in everyone. These wonderful Christmas present cake pops by Bakerella are gorgeous, especially with the little icing bows and individual name tags. The perfect personalised gift.

4. Bauble Cake Pops

Bauble Cake Pops

(Credit: Renshaw)

Here’s another take on the festive cake pop theme. These vanilla flavoured delights are sure to go down a treat on Christmas Day. The miniature size means they decorating will be a bit of a challenge but the end result is more than worth the effort. Decorate with your favourite coloured fondant icing to make festive.

5. Marzipan Christmas Cake Trees

Marzipan Cake Trees

(Credit: http://chocolat.dk/pistacie-juletraeer)

This looks incredible, but it’s actually really simple. Simply shape marzipan into a cone and roll with pistachio nuts. Decorate with stars for a touch of sparkle. These cute trees were created by Chocolat Blogger.

6. Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Wreath

Cookie Wreath

(Credit: The Vanilla Bean Baker)

You don’t see so many Christmas wreaths on front doors these days, so why not make an edible wreath for the whole family to enjoy. This tasty gingerbread wreath was made by The Vanilla Bean Baker and the sweet penguins, snowmen and Father Christmases look fantastic. The royal icing snowflakes and decorations are just perfect.

7. Christmas Pudding Biscuit Pops

Christmas Pudding Biscuit Pops

(Credit: Renshaw)

These yummy chocolate biscuit pops are easy to make and they look and taste great. Simply rolled white ready to roll icing and flower paste holly leaves and berries. They make the ideal accompaniment for a hot cup of tea or coffee on a cold evening.

8. Christmas Present Cupcakes

Christmas Present Cupcakes

(Credit: Amy Atlas)

A box full of these gorgeous Christmas present cupcakes is bound to go down a storm. With moist sponge, tasty frosting and a tiny present topper they look beautiful and will taste incredible.

9. Marzipan Christmas Cookies

Marzipan Cookies

(Credit: Pipii)

These simple but tasty cookies come courtesy of Pipii, and make a great and simple gift. You can make them in big batches and then tie a selection together with a Christmas ribbon for an elegant gift.

10. Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

(Credit: Land O’Lakes)

If you’re making a lot of cookies it can still be nice to use a selection of decorative themes to make them interesting. This little spread from Land O’Lakes proves that simple, round cookies don’t need to be dull. With a bit of creativity you can make them delightfully festive.

11. Christmas Cake With Fondant Icing Ribbon

Cake Fontant Icing Ribbon

(Credit: Cakes And Cupcakes Mumbai)

Why not bake a small Christmas cake as a gift? We love the reversal of the colour scheme on this cake, which makes it look more like a present than a traditional cake.

Have these inspired you to create your own baked Christmas gifts? Share your gifts to inspire us and the Renshaw Baking community on Facebook and Twitter.